PLAYTIME FESTIVAL 2019 Playtime is the largest annual live music festival in Mongolia held at Hotel Mongolia in Gachuurt village located 30km outside of Ulaanbaatar. It was founded in 2002 and is organized as non-profit music festival. The festival draws 30.000 people over 3 days. The festival has grown its scale from a local live music festival to an international festival since 2013 and presented headliner international music groups at the festival, such as Ariel Pink (USA), Mono (Japan), The Radio Dept. (Sweden), Peter Hook & The Light (UK), The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (USA), Envy (Japan), Mummiy Troll (Russia), The Fin. (Japan)...
LEWIS OFMAN - CHINA TOUR 2019 À seulement 20 ans, ce jeune prodige de la musique électronique a déjà collaboré avec Fakear et d'autres grands noms. Batteur à l’origine, il aborde la composition en véritable autodidacte et réussit à imposer rapidement son style, dansant et léger. Son ascension est fulgurante. En 2018, il démarre une série de tournées en France et outre-Atlantique et participe au dernier album de Rejie Snow. Au quotidien, ce qui l’anime, ce sont les rencontres. « Plus généralement, c’est l’étranger qui m’inspire… Le fait d’entrer en contact avec de nouvelles énergies, de nouvelles perspectives de vie, c’est cela qui me donne le pouvoir de créer des choses nouvelles ! », confiait-il dans une récente interview. Il rejoindra la grande scène de la Fête de la musique en Chine pour une série de concerts. TIMBER TIMBRE - ASIA TOUR 2019 Revival Agency is thrilled to announce the debut Asia Tour of Canadian kings of psychedelic folk, Timber Timbre in China, Taïwan and Singapore.

Timber Timbre - Asia Tour 2019
-Guangzhou at T:Union - May 10th
-Shenzhen at Hou Live - May 11th
-Xiamen at Real Live - May 12th
-Changsha at Red Club - May 14th
-Wuhan at Vox - May 15th
-Suzhou at Hill House - May 16th
-Shanghai at Yuyintang Park - May 17th
-Beijing at Mao Live - May 18th
-Taipei at The Wall Live House - May 20th
-Singapore at Scape - May 23rd
IBEYI ASIA TOUR 2019 Revival Agency is thrilled to announce the first Asian tour of female fashion and musical twin icons, Ibeyi in April. Known for their soulful mix of Afro-Cuban, R&B and jazz, fans can expect an energetic and instrumental-heavy show to keep audiences enthralled from start to end.

IBEYI Live In Singapore - 20 April 2019 - Victoria Theatre
IBEYI Live In Tokyo - 22 April 2019 - LiquidRoom
IBEYI Live In Taïpei - 24 April 2019 - The Wall
FRENCH MIRACLE TOUR N°4 - ARNAUD REBOTINI & SARO Don’t let the dark days beat you down and follow the new musical road-trip of the French Miracle Tour instead! For its fourth edition, the French Miracle Tour treats itself to an early, exotic jet-lag in November. The musical love-affair between France and Asia is getting dead serious as the project brings along for the occasion an exclusive dynamic duo: young beatbox loopstation prodigy SARO, and iconic master of French techno Arnaud Rebotini. This two-headed electronic monster took a pledge to bring unforgettable live performances, a promise of never-ending nights on the dance floor. COLLEEN @ MUTEK JAPAN - TOKYO ColleenはフランスのミュージシャンCécile Schottの別名義。彼女がリリースしたアルバムのうちの5作は、一般的なアコースティック・インストゥルメンタルでなく、ミステリアスで思想的な楽曲から、動的で遊び心あふれる楽曲まで多岐にわたり構築されている。ヨーロッパ、アメリカ、日本、ブラジル、シンガポールなどでライブを行い、Moogfest、Big Ears Festival、Mutek、Transmediale、Villette Sonique、Rewireなど、200以上のコンサートに出演している SAYCET - CHINA TOUR From September 20 to 24, Saycet will perform in China for a serie of 5 dates in the venues of the Mao Live network. Saycet takes off to China for the Sound of New Wave tour.
Saycet is the third and last artist selected in the context of a call for participation made possible by a partnership between Le Bureau Export, l’Ambassade de France en Chine, l’Institut Français and Chinese promoter Mao Live.
POLO & PAN (DJ SET) @ SOAP - SEOUL Paul Armand "Polocorp" Delille와 Alexandre "Peter Pan" Grynszpan로 구성된 Polo & Pan은 파리를 기반으로 하는 일렉트로닉 아티스트다. 두 멤버 모두 Le Baron 클럽의 레지던트 DJ 출신인 Polo & Pan. 그들은 음악적으로 공통적인 흥미점을 점진적으로 발전시켜 Polo & Pan을 탄생시켰다. 새로운 장르를 창조하고, 댄스 플로어에서 흘러나오면서도 시의성 없는 사운드에 관심을 가진 것이 둘의 음악적 공통점이다. 그만큼 Polo & Pan은 개성 넘치면서도 시간이 흘러도 변하지 않는 가치를 가진 음악 세계를 추구한다. SUUNS IN SEOUL 시작부터 Suuns(“순스 soons”라고 발음하며, 태국말로 “0들 Zeores”이라는 의미이다)는 다른 것을 추구했다. 이들은 2007년 몬트리올에서 보컬/기타의 Ben Shemie와 기타의 Joe Yarmush가 데모를 함께 작업하며 자연스레 결성했다. 곧 Ben의 학교동창인 Liam이 드럼을 맡으며 합류하였고, Max Henry가 신스를 맡았다.

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