TINARIWEN IN SINGAPORE In Singapore, TINARIWEN will present their back catalogue of music over the years, including their eighth and latest album, Elwan. This record reaffirms the Tuareg institution as one of the most legendary and influential African bands in recent
decades. Elwan has been nominated for Best World Music Album at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

Tinariwen Live in Singapore
Date: Saturday, 24th March 2018
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall
Time: 7.30pm
COLLEGE ASIA TOUR / TINARIWEN INDIA TOUR The Quarter and Mixtape are thrilled to present the Grammy winning Saharan rebels, Tinariwen in India for two shows next month as a part of their Fall Tour 2017!
November 08th at Royal Opera House Mumbai
November 09th at The Humming Tree, Bangalore
TINARIWEN CHINA TOUR TINARIWEN are a revelation. Both a dream and a nightmare for those of us trying to describe what makes them special. A dream because their tale is indeed epic – rebellion, guns and guitars, desert nomads, the real Saharan blues – easy nuggets of gold to thrill-seeking journalists and music prospectors. A nightmare because none of these clichés really do the band justice. TINARIWEN are a revelation. Among their fans: Robert Plant, Thom Yorke, Damon Albarn, Chris Martin. Their desert blues is the spirit of all music: a bridge between worlds, between cultures, between peoples. Electrifying and singular. Distinctive like no other live band.
We’re excited beyond words to bring TINARIWEN to China for two extraordinary shows.
ONRA @ PIU PIU - SAIGON Onra - DJ, bậc thầy sáng tạo âm thanh người Pháp gốc Việt, với gu âm nhạc cá tính hòa trộn những gì tinh túy nhất của thể loại RnB và nhạc điện tử. Anh đã làm việc với nhiều nghệ sĩ tài năng trên khắp thế giới (Daz Dillinger, Black Milk, Do Or Die..) và cho ra mắt nhiều sản phẩm âm nhạc rất được công chúng cùng truyền thông đón nhận và ca ngợi. Đặc biệt, seri 3 phần "Chinoiseries" - sản phẩm mang dấu ấn rõ nét nhất của Onra - được lấy cảm hứng từ âm nhạc truyền thống của Trung Quốc và Việt Nam, mang chút âm hưởng nhạc Jazz, Funk và RnB hòa điệu cùng giai điệu Hip Hop truyền thống.
Bữa tiệc Halloween hoàng tráng cùng phù thủy DJ Onra ---- món quà độc nhất mà các tín đồ âm nhạc không thể chối từ!!!
JUSTICE DJ SET @ ZOUK - SINGAPORE Known for bringing strong rock and indie strains to their aesthetic, they first found success ten years ago with 2007’s ‘†’ (pronounced ‘Cross’), a collection of electro-pop gems including the killer single ‘D.A.N.C.E.,’ a stone-cold classic. With their third and latest studio album ‘Woman,’ released in September 2016, Justice are back doing what they do best: making people move their feet!
In March this year, Justice embarked on their ‘Woman’ world tour, headlining major US festivals such as Coachella and Ultra. This August, the duo will make their first stopover in Singapore since 2007 before heading to Summersonic in Japan and Pentaport Rock Festival in South Korea.
JUSTICE LIVE @ PENTAPORT ROCK FESTIVAL - SOUTH KOREA “After a five-year break, everyone’s second favourite French dance duo return with a near-perfect disco album. […] ‘Woman’ is a joyous album of hope and optimism » – NME, September 2016

“Justice aren’t simply good DJs – they’re the best dance-rock band in the fucking world.” – Dancing Astronaut, April 2017
featuring Luke Jenner
Plus warm-ups by:
Adam Salter
Bob Dazzla (Matthew Michael)
Bidi Cobra
FRENCH MIRACLE TOUR #3 L’asie vous manque ? nous aussi. pour la troisième fois, nous quittons l’hexagone pour une folle tournée d’un mois avec nos meilleurs diplomates. au programme, un road trip entre Chine, Corée du sud, Vietnam, Thaïlande, Japon et Singapour.. présentations de la délégation.

Et vous, vous partez où en vacances pendant les ponts de mai ? Le French Miracle Tour a déjà prévu son coup, et si vous voulez lui emboîter le pas, il va falloir poser quelques RTT. Un mois de virée à travers l’Asie, quatre groupes, six pays, trente concerts dans seize villes. Voilà le plan de bataille. Préparez vos petits mollets.

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