For the last three years, Marc Mifune aka Les Gordon, has been working his way to the top of electronic music. In 2015, Les Gordon reaches a new milestone: he catches the attention of famous Parisian label Kitsuné.

Les Gordon frees the stringed instruments he perfectly masters: it’s a cascade of guitar notes, sprinkled with cello and autoharp that rushes to the head. Abyss maintains the concept of continuity that connects to and continues the story of his frst EP, Atlas, while still offering a new direction. After taking us on the elevated journey through his music, Les Gordon introduces us to the concepts of introspection and depth with Abyss. Indeed, the electro acoustic altitudes met on Atlas have involved into a traporiented trip here.
Once again, Les Gordon brings a distinct vocal identity to his music, and so with the very first track “Abyss” setting the pace with deep voices. The following tracks feature voices of two different but original singers – ADI, bringing RNB rhythms from Tel Aviv, and Rosalie Dubois, French, leaning towards lyrical singing. Through his unique universe, Les Gordon reveals his infuences: we hear POOLS’ heavy trap, pop melodies courtesy of Bat for Lashes, mixed with Drake’s RNB rhythms and the softness of Agnes Obel.

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