Yuksek (Pierre-Alexandre Busson) is a composer and producer who emerged from the French electronic scene.
After releasing several singles and two albums, Away From the Sea (Barclay, 2009) and Living on the Edge of Time (Barclay, 2011), Yuksek traveled the world touring and collaborating with many international artists. In 2013, he created his own label, Partyfine, confirming the unique Yuksek sound: a clever mix of indie pop, futuristic disco and pure electro. With his experience as a classical musician (10 years of piano at the Conservatory), Yuksek started composing film scores in 2014, for example, Valérie Donzelli’s Marguerite et Julien, which was selected in the official competition for the Palme d’Or of the Cannes Film Festival in 2015.
On June 22nd, 2015 his label’s second compilation, Partyfine vol. 2, will be released. It brings together artists who were on board from the genesis of the project. In parallel, Yuksek is working on writing his third album.

Away from the sea - 2009 - Savoir Faire/Barclay
Living on the edge of time - 2011 - Savoir Faire/Barclay
The Wax - 2005 - Rise rec
Everywhere in town - 2006 - I'm a cliché
Plastik - 2006 - Relish rec
Composer - 2007 - Relish rec
It comes - 2007 - Uwe
Tonight - 2008 - Savoir Faire/Barclay
Extraball - 2009 - Savoir Faire/Barclay
On a train - 2011 - Savoir Faire/Barclay
Always on the run - 2011 - Savoir Faire/Barclay
Last of our kinds (feat. Oh Land) - 2013 - Partyfine
Partyfine (feat. Juveniles) - 2015 - Partyfine
Phoenix, Kaiser Chiefs, Gossip Tahiti 80, Chromeo, M83, Booba, Tommy Sparks, Mika, Moby, The Prodigy,
Gorillaz, Emmanuelle Seigner, De la soul, Lana Del Rey, Chassol, etc.... more than hundred since 2005.
Collaborations / Side projects
Peter & The Magician with Stephen Fassano / 2 EP's on Kitsuné (Twist. 2011 & Memory. 2012 ) and Partyfine ( On my brain. 2013 )
The Krays with Brodinski / 1 single on Abracada ( We're ready when you are. 2010 ) et de nombreux remixes.
The Alexanders with Alex Metric / 3 singles on Partyfine ( Don't miss. 2013, Pwoin Pwoin. 2014 & Loving you.2015 ).

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