Flora's unique sound, is composed by looping vintage keyboards, live minimal beats, and the use of her own voice as an instrument, to create a tasty blend of female indie-pop. Or as someone once put it - "an electro- Joni Mitchell".

"... There is a purity and subtly within the songs while keeping it danceable, but also gaining closer access to the sensitivity of an anxious girl."  - SCATTERBRAIN (Korean blog)

" Here is a girl that does it all, that silenced a room of first time listener’s, leaving them delicately heartbroken, and begging for more..."- DINGUS (American blog)

(stage name of Liron Meshulam) is a singer songwriter, composer, producer and multi instrumentalist.

Flora grew up in a musical family, daughter of a classical guitar player who exposed her to a rich musical world from a young age. After graduating from the Jerusalem music academy in 2010, she released her debut album "Happy Today". The songs of the album were not created in the regular process of songwriting, but rather as electronic experiments at her home studio. Among others she used sounds from everyday life - like a conversation in Amharic from the Ethiopian immigrant population on Frenkel St. Tel-Aviv and the creak of a chair.  The album was produced by herself and her partner musician Kfir Sarid, and got praised in the media "Great talent... heartache and pure emotion delicately handled by the production and the impressive sound".

During 2012, Flora played her solo shows all around Israel, Berlin, London and New York (including CMJ 2012 Festival), and has opened for Lora Gibson and Asaf Avidan. It was at one of those opening shows in Israel, that Avidan asked her to join his new live group for the Different Pulses Tour, as keyboard player and vocalist. During 2013, Flora played over 100 shows with Asaf Avidan for over 500,000 people all across Europe.

Flora also composes music for film and dance performances, she has worked with choreographer Dafi Eltabeb among others.

On September 2014, Flora released her new EP, "Everything is here".

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