Fat Hamster & Kang New


These days, there's something of a triumphant energy around Kang New and Fat Hamster. Whether it's the release of Kang New's celebrated new EP Here is the thing, an upcoming Japanese tour, or Fat Hamster's new position as a go-to remixer for local indie favorites, like 18Fevers and Harrybigbutton, there's an assuredness around everything the duo do.

The two expertly tore through both solo and joint songs with complete confidence. They transformed an audience previously tethered to their chairs into dance floor maniacs, embracing 80’s pop sensibilities and pulsating electronica. Kang New brought their famously quirky dance moves, and Fat Hamster kept up by hedonistically getting lost in the music. The duo are always a delight to see. Even between songs, Kang New’s wit kept the entertainment value high, exclaiming that they’ll keep playing anti-Elon Musk environmentalist anthem The Sun from Mars until he sues them.

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