Fat Hamster & Kang New


"These days, there's something of a triumphant energy around Kang NEW and Fat Hamster. Whether it's the release of Kang NEW's celebrated new EP Here is the thing, an upcoming Japanese tour, or Fat Hamster's new position as a go-to remixer for local indie favorites, like 18 Fevers and Harrybigbutton, there's an assuredness around everything the duo do." - Platform Magazine

Fat Hamster & KANG New is an electronic music duo based in Korea that performs live sets.

They founded the independent label LetzRatz to release their own music and have been performing at various events and music festivals, including the International Environmental Film Festival, Block Party Music & Art Festival, as well as live venues in Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, and other cities. They has also been actively performing overseas, including a successful tour in Japan in 2023.

Their music has been featured in the Top 100 tracks of Korean indie music webzine Platform Magazine for three consecutive years. And recently, they were featured in The Korea Times’ list of 10 must-see Korean indie acts, so their performances are not only appreciated by audiences, but also by critics and other artists.

Their live performances feature Fat Hamster’s electronic music playing with heavy basslines and beautiful leads, along with KANG New’s electronic percussion and unique vocal performance.

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