Formed by Margot (vocals, bass, synths) and brothers Elio (drums) and Theo (guitar, synths), Tapeworms are a French band who were originally dubbed a “shoegaze revival trio”. Now exploring a wide-range of sub-genres from indie-pop to electronic to art-pop and more, the band take inspiration from day-to-day life and their songs showcase a wide variety of sounds filled with nostalgia, bittersweet recklessness and positivity

Tapeworms have positivity to burn, allowing Margot, Théo and Eliott to transform their real-life failures, which would lead others to despair, into creative energy, channelling them into a furious and unique mix of styles. What initially sounds like a wild, rough-edged jumble reveals itself, on debut album Funtastic (2020), to be a savvy melding of their influences and a frequently joyous experience

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