Vel is a Moroccan artist, France-based, dj, producer of electronic music and engineer.

When she left Rabat, her hometown, at 18 years old for Lyon, she studied to become an engineer. Yet, one particular night shook her path up: she met techno music for the first time at Le Sucre and it was love at first sight. With these new Doors opened, she passionately nurtured from the club culture she encountered there, up to the point where she allowed herself to ascend, becoming Vel. 

Celar-paced yet textured techno, powerful yet graceful, Vel’s sound radiates through throbbing drums she summons from her memories, celestial whispers and fragile voices: the divine feminine emanates from all the pulsating vibrations she casts. During sets, Vel knows no limits of genre, she’s always eager to hit hard, defying boundaries and BPMs, a true force of nature. 

In a small amount of time, Vel’s journey was already marked by the friendship and the guidance of artists such as François X, u.r.trax or In Aeternam Vale. She looks up to them and to other artists where she also finds inspiration: Bjarki, Anetha, Schacke, Objekt… The last three years, Vel released 3 EP: «Who by fire» on Unusual Records (2020), «He Took One Cliché» on Nasdat (2021), «Era L» on François X’s label XX LAB (2022). Vel is also an active member of Under Rave, u.r.trax’s collective, and Lyon’s techno scene. 

Vel got Big Womb Energy!

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